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I need to get back in the gym…pronto.

I've put on about a stone in weight since Vegas and people are starting to notice. I walked into the Palm Beach Casino, in London, last night, and three people commented about my weight in the first 10-minutes, including one guy who said that my face looked fat - now that's a bit harsh mate.

When I do get back in the gym, it's not just the fat that has to come off, I also need to get my arms into shape, and I'll explain why.

I went down to the Palm Beach to play in a £25/50/100 Pot Limit Omaha game. I am finding it really difficult to get action these days, and so this is about as big of a game as you are going to get in the UK.

I ended up the game's biggest loser again. This time I was doing my nuts to the tune of around £35k, so I thought I would have a few glasses of wine. Well, a few turned into a few more and I got quite drunk, stopped playing towards the end of the night and decided to go off into town for a few more drinks.

I was railing a friend, waiting for him to finish the game so we could go out, when this guy came up to me and asked me for an arm wrestle. I know that he's a regular in the game, a quite skinny fella about 50-years of age.

I asked him why he wanted to arm wrestle me, and he told me that he just wanted to see if he could beat me. Now, I'm quite a decent arm wrestler, and have probably only lost about three times from about 100 bouts, so I was interested. He was also a bit drunk and I had seen him at the Roulette table, so there was also a good chance he was just punting.

I suggested we put up £500 each to make it interesting and he looked at me with this, "is that all?' kind of look, so I suggested a grand. He then asked me to up the stakes, so I suggested £3k, and that wasn't any good for him either. In the end I told him I had £6.5k in my pocket and I would wrestle him for that, but he said no and walked off.

I sauntered back to the game and everyone was asking who had backed out. "The guy," I told them. The guy went nuts.

"I didn't back out!" said the guy as he pulls out a wad of notes from his pocket. "I bet you £50k that I can beat you."

‘What the hell is going on?' I thought.

So he pulls £50k from his pocket and before you know it we are heading to the VIP area with about 35 people following us like a school playground fight. We sat down and I looked him in the eye and told him that if he was hustling me I was going to be really upset, but if he really did want to gamble then he had a bet.

I was literally just about to put my hand into his hand when I smelled a rat. I pulled out and decided that it all seemed a little too good to be true.

"I was going to rip your arm off and shove it down your throat," said the man.

"Christ, calm down mate," I thought.

It turns out that the guy has never lost. In fact, he's that good he would have probably beaten Sylvester Stallone in the movie ‘Over the Top'. Apparently, he is so strong he can do hundreds of push-ups.

So not only did I do my nuts in the PLO game, but also I nearly got hustled by a world champion arm wrestler, and had my arm ripped off and shoved down my throat.

Now that's what I call an interesting night out.
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