Poker Software Tutorial

Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps in the poker world or a hardened pro, our software has plenty to offer.

Thanks to the user-friendly and clear interface, finding your perfect table and playing has never been easier.

Below are just some of the key features you can take advantage of in our software:

Speed Poker and BackBet

Our software has two great new features, Speed Poker which cuts down on waiting time between cash table hands, and BackBet which can boost your winnings by betting on the cards as they come.

Quick Seat and Join Similar features

From our lobby you can get a seat to match your mood in no time at all thanks to our Quick Seat function. Plus if you're seated at a table you're enjoying - you can click "Join Similar" to help speed up your multi-tabling.

My Favourites section

If you love a certain type of cash or tournament table, you can save it in your "My Favourites" section for easy access straight from the lobby. Plus this section shows you any tournaments you're currently registered to make your life easier!

Change table size

Choose whether to play in an size right from full screen down to a small table perfect for multi-tabling.

Four Color Deck

If you have trouble telling your clubs from your spades, use our Four Colour Deck to see each suit in a different colour!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Multi-tabling has never been easier thanks to special hot key options for folding, checking, calling, betting and raising.

Player Notes

Make sure you get the edge over your rivals by adding notes on how everyone plays - simply click on the player's name and you'll be able to add a short note for that player. It will be displayed every time you meet this player in any of the our tables so you can quickly remember how they play.

Buddy List

Have you met a player you'd like to play with again? Just mark the player as your buddy by clicking his name tag and check the status of your online buddies whenever you log-in to our software in the future.

Real-time Game History

Our software allows you to review your recent game history in-real time from within the client - your past moves from the recent history, hands, bets, losses, etc are displayed in clear and easy to understand graphical format for quick and simple analysis.

Auto Re-buy in Tournaments

Auto Re-buy allows you to easily set your automatic re-buys into tournaments and for uninterrupted game play. You can Auto Re-buy when you stack is finished, or you can set Auto Early Re-buy for when your stack goes below a specific amount above zero. Only one of the two options can be utilized at once.

Table Options

When in the lobby, you can change many different options to personalise your playing experience such as:

  • Avatar - customise your avatar to match your mood!
  • Audio - choose what you hear and how loud according to your preferences
  • Table - show your current hand strength, auto-much and all-in odds are just some of your options here
  • Chat - choose exactly how much dealer, player and observer chat you want to see
  • Plus much more to tailor your experience

Live Support

Need help or assistance mid-game? Not too sure how to get started? Our live-chat is only a click away. Connect in real-time with our Live Online Support below, manned by an experienced support personnel available to handle all your gaming queries.