Summit Points


Summit Points (SPs) are given out to make sure you get the rewards you deserve as you play on our tables, they are:

  • Put towards our promotions, leaderboards and races
  • Used to calculate your Reward level and the rewards entitled to you
  • Given a % boost depending on your Reward level to give you Reward Points

For more information on how to cash out your Reward Points click here.

How To Earn Summit Points:

It really couldn't be easier to start racking up Summit Points on our tables as you earn them automatically as you play real-money poker.
They are earned in fractions depending on how much rake/fee you contribute (same for both cash and tournament tables) and amount to:

  • 10 Summit Points for every €1 in rake/fee
  • 12 Summit Points for every £1 in rake/fee
  • 7 Summit Points for every $1 in rake/fee

For example, if you were to play at a cash table and contribute €0.50c in rake, you would earn 5 Summit Points.
Or if you were to contribute €0.10c in rake, you earn 1 Summit Point.
If you bought in to a €100 (€92+€8) tournament you would earn 80 Summit Points and so on.

Terms and Conditions

Version Number: 1.2
Date of Issue: 00:00 GMT, 01/04/2014

  1. The promoter of “Summit Points” (“the Promotion”) is Everest Gaming (Gibraltar) Limited (“Everest Poker”).
  2. The Promotion is only available to players with an Everest Poker account on (“the Site”).
  3. Taking part in the Promotion represents acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, the General Terms and Conditions of Everest Poker as well as the House Rules located on the Site.

Your entitlement to the benefits and privileges of the Summit Points scheme is subject to the following:

  1. You are a registered Everest Poker player in good standing.
  2. You must receive hole cards in order to be eligible to receive Summit Points for the hand. Players who are "sitting out" do not receive Summit Points.
  3. Across all real money tables and tournaments players receive pro rata 10 Summit Points for every €1(EUR); 12 Summit Points for every £1 (GBP) and 7 Summit Points for every $1 (USD) they generate in rake and fees. Fractional Points are rewarded for entry fees less of than €1.00.
  4. No Summit Points are awarded for hands which are not raked.
  5. Summit Points are not earned through participation in freeroll tournaments.
  6. Summit Points credited to your Account for free play or won in Summit Points tables or tournaments are not counted toward bonuses. See the Everest Poker House Rules for more information.
  7. Players do not receive Summit Points through participation in tournaments in which they buy in using Summit Points or for cash game play at tables which use Summit Points as the betting currency.
  8. Summit Points have no real money value. They cannot be exchanged, sold or transferred between players.
  9. Summit Points are automatically removed from a player’s account upon closure of that account.
  10. Everest Poker reserves the right to remove/cancel part, or all, of this Promotion, including removing/cancelling Summit Points, without notice to players.
  11. Everest Poker reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and to prohibit certain individuals, groups, and/or regions from being eligible for the rewards associated with this Promotion.