Summit Points

Summit Points (SPs) are given out to make sure you get the rewards you deserve as you play on our tables, they are:

  • Put towards our promotions, leaderboards and races
  • Used to calculate your Reward level and the rewards entitled to you
  • Given a % boost depending on your Reward level to give you Reward Points

For more information on how to cash out your Reward Points click here.

How To Earn Summit Points:

It really couldn't be easier to start racking up Summit Points on our tables as you earn them automatically as you play real-money poker.

They are earned in fractions depending on how much rake/fee you contribute (same for both cash and tournament tables) and amount to:

10 Summit Points for every €1 in rake/fee

12 Summit Points for every £1 in rake/fee

7 Summit Points for every $1 in rake/fee

For example, if you were to play at a cash table and contribute €0.50c in rake, you would earn 5 Summit Points.

Or if you were to contribute €0.10c in rake, you earn 1 Summit Point.

If you bought in to a €100 (€92+€8) tournament you would earn 80 Summit Points and so on.